Thursday, September 30, 2004

“Mission Accomplished?” - A Satirical and mostly nonsensical Poem in Response to GW's recent ludicrous claims

“Fishin for Monkfish”

September 30, 2004


On Fox last week the President made something of a verbal gaffe

A slip of tongue, a mental leak, an off-the-cuff riff-raff rebuff

In the attempt to brush back claims he’d failed in his Iraq aims.

His targets were the Democrats, who’ve said his ship is leaking rats.

A war, you say? The Middle East
? The Persian Gulf? Le Terroriste?

According to the GOP, the war was won in Oughty-Three. A day when on the deck stood G.,

And said to all the troops, “we’re free”! – then sent them to the Persian Sea.

That spectacle aboard the Lincoln was, to George’s way of thinking

Quite the finest fun he’d had

Since Jimmy Baker showed us how a hanging chad was bogus.

Surrounded by our bravest troops upon one of our finest sloops,

There was a famous banner hung, and o’er George the banner swung

In such a splendid manner! Written on it – “Combat’s over!”

Iraq loves us on their soil and they’re going to give us oil!”

So blithely (more or less) he said, but now 800 more are dead.

At issue is the wisdom of the words “mission accomplished.”

It happened on O’Reilly’s show—Bill works for Fox as jock of shocks—

If George could do it all once more, Bill asked, would he declare the war

As over? Fini? In the books? (I’d love to see the blotchy looks that Rove

Expressed, when George said “Yes”)

Today the spin from Rove et al. has got Bush off with but a bruise.

A straight-up dead-pan bald-faced “no” is always Rove’s first choice of ruse:

“Why, if we go back to that day, you’ll see our Prez did NEVER say

Those silly things you think he did! His topic has been misconstrued

By Democrats—they’re quite confused and for their lies should be abused.

The word you thought you heard as “mission” actually was “let’s go fishin’!”

You see, our W.’s an angler, not a dead-wrong banner dangler!

The prez pursues a simple wish: to dine upon a different dish

Of fish each night. He loves them so!—he’ll watch them swimming to and fro

For hours sometimes—see them go! Especially likes a good gumbo.

Now as you know George holds within a deep abhorrence for a sin.

His greatest joy is when he sees the hand of God (except for trees) in nature.

Of course, one fish above the rest has by the Lord been justly blessed!

The MONKFISH is a sacred creature, the godliest our oceans feature!

So obviously named for those most holy servants famed! Every angler

Worth his sea-trunk’s heard about the famous sea-Monk!

It really all makes perfect sense—if you can’t grasp it you are dense.

The words “Mission Accomplished” were in fact “fishin for Monkfish.”

As mused aloud by George that day, where there in monkish thought he stood,

Upon a massive Navy boat, the biggest boat there is afloat!

To George the Lincoln surely seemed the angling platform of a dream.