Wednesday, October 20, 2004

All Hallow's eve in the Blogosphere

a nonsensical and seasonal ode to weblogs in the vein of carroll

All snoggy twas the blogosphere

Enfogged amid the twiggy babble

When I heard the sound I fear

A-clickety with claws ascrabble

Slipping through the groggy rabble

Avoid the wobby blog my dear!

The blog that creeps and creeping, leaps!

The sluggish vasty webbish seep

All gently bleeping as they near

Amongst the drabby ghoulish pool

Ahaunted in the gibbly orb-world

Gather weblets all a-wobbly

Nibblets newly formed and gobbly.

Nettish in a fevered blog-drool.

O dread the freebly wobby-blog!

That gnaws and chitter-chitter pats

Aclicky-clack with mousy pit-pats

Googly in the gleebish sphere

Atwitter in the ghastly slog.

My dear avoid the wobby blog!

And fear the creepy leaping net-bobs.

All a-goggle in the seeping,

Trembling amid the beeping

Chirruping and gently cheeping

Greedy for a webby feeding, ever needing; ever needing.