Saturday, October 16, 2004

death of the tv

Death of Television

The Death of Televison is a consequence of malice;

recall the veiled derision

with which Bradys treated Alice.

No less the spite of failed lives that Springer found to televise.

Nor Dr. Phil’s hypocrisy pertaining to Hippocrates.

Or Crossfire's partisan hacks—a theatre of heart attacks.

The talking glitterati who believe they’re literati too: O’Reilly, Franken—both expound

in just the way of Ezra Pound

With all the strength of righteousness

that certainty invites in us.

These shows must not be analyzed as separately televised.

The quackery and thuggish hacks of Dr Phils and Bob Novaks

are synchronized.

The cumulative effect of Tucker is to shiver, quail and pucker

All the world over.