Saturday, October 02, 2004

Open Poem of Gentle Rebuke to john Ashcroft

October 3, 2004--Highhatter

Open Poem of Gentle Rebuke to john Ashcroft

Dear John, we’ve learned a painful fact. Your infamous Patriot Act

Has failed to facilitate or otherwise improve our rate of catching terrorists, to date.

The news on CBS suggests that few of those whom you arrest

Are genuine Al Qaeda men; and worse, they never go to trial;

Rather, languish for awhile down Gitmo way in hidden cells

Where folksy types like Lynndie E. administer shock therapy.

I know, I know, that’s Abu G., but Major General Geoffrey

(That’s Miller) led both posts, and taught them all to catch a killer—

An easy task—a dog, some hoods, a skillful captor griller—

Like Frederick, the SSG who found his inner harmony coercing sexuality.

Dear Freddy, from Iraq he’s back and ready to employ his skills;

His scheduled mission’s intel, but his posting now is in hell.

At any rate I deviate. The powers that such Acts approve

—To wire-tap and infiltrate—seem not to notably improve
Our capture rate, at least of late.

Remember Edgar Hoover—He adored interrogation! How he beamed with adulation

As McCarthy’s best informers filled his drawers with Cold War rumors!

Accruing secret facts appeased

His hate of Blacks and Kennedys.

Ah me. So worrisome—not one year, three—and still Osama B. is free,

Smoking fine Afghan poppy, hoping for a bumper crop he

Needs to buy a bomb and blow us all to Kingdom Come.

Its hard I know to cogitate on where the terrorists might wait.

Yet since one tried to bomb us with explosives in his Converse,

They’ve seemed to all just dissipate.

Not one has justified the tricks of Lynndie E. and Fredericks.

Many now have come to wonder if a massive legal blunder

Has been made post ipso facto with your Patriotic Acto.

Perhaps you’ll capture one or two, so that we can remember

What you looked like, when you’re out of here the Second of November.