Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Public Plea for Electoral fairness and Honesty to the Honorable Glenda Hood, Florida Sec’ty of State

Oh me oh my oH Glenda Hood

Dear Glenda Hood, I write to ask if Florida
, in Oughty-five

Will look back on another year of politics and voter fear

Of ballots lost, and voters tossed by vigilante Highway cops

Of less than scrupled agent men engaged in special voter ops

O if it should! O Sakes alive! I pall to think about the stink.

Our erstwhile president, Jimmy C has raised the issue publicly.

Jimmy's voiced a call to honest Americans one and all

To monitor your stormy state, where electoral mischief may await!

I know this comes non gratis, but Glenda do you grasp the grief

When folks of lesser status cannot cast their choice for Chief?

These days your office pulls out stops to jettison Black voters

With a rigor rivaling Castro’s skill at ousting Cuban boaters!

Dear Glenda, Jimmy says to keep our eyes on ballot boxes;

For in these modern times we see the slyest electoral foxes,

Surpassing simple sabotage involving voter debitage. The crux is:

Hackers now with code can push

“Ralph Nader” out, and put in “Bush”!

Now Glenda, sadly Jimmy notes Republicans enjoy your votes.

This preference for names like Jeb and Herb and Dwight,

Has spawned among some Democrats a sneeze-inducing fright

That you hold a bias rivaling that held by Harris!

She who once besmirched your post! Yet, other data troubles most:

A willingness to lose the ballots cast by certain voting classes,

Older folk, for instance, who must peer through inch-thick glasses;

Indeed, so many Hurricanes have pummeled Florida with rains—

These recent storms might fog the panes of spectacles and visual aids!

What’s worse are waves of legalese directed at minorities

Especially, it sadly seems, at those registered as “Democrat”

Which indicate you still wear “R” emblazoned on your party hat;

A beacon for approximately half of your electorate.

A close adherence to the rights of Rights is only one-half right!

For Florida’s own politicos have wrote the law, and so it goes:

“If any soul now fraudulates or commandeers and agitates

the voting in relation to the next inauguration, well,

We’ll charge ‘em of a felony, with prejudice, in third degree!

Dear Glenda, three short weeks away. And watching is the USA.