Wednesday, October 27, 2004

White House Gaggle with Scott McClellan

Scott McCLELLAN On Air Force One

Okay, okay let’s see today

The President will focus, pocus

He will make remarks, remarks.

I'm coming to that,

I’m coming back.

We’ll overnight in St. Pete Beach.

the President will have a speech.

Let's see -- a speech, the Wilkes-Barre speech

Today's remarks will outline ways.

And he’ll talk about the five

Commitments, first is stay alive.

The President will talk about, he'll touch upon.

He'll draw some contrasts, undermined by Hollywood.

I'd look at it as differences.

There will be some speeches.

He spoke about how and that's what we need -- he'll talk again, in his


al Qaeda, Hambali, for instance, Jemaah


Khalid Shaykh Mohammed

Hey Ya

Window of time? From early on, when the war began,

up to the more

present times.

And he talked about his strategy, based on fighting the enemy

Transforming the Middle East is key

to defeating the ideology

Where were you the other day?

I said there are no more

week aheads. I said

there are announcements .