Friday, February 11, 2005


this post from alternative hippopotamus
has inspired my next poem:

Old Valerie Plame
recall the name?
Scurrious Republicans
committed treason
for no real reason
but a blow to her hubby.
Now Rove sips the bubbly
chortling with glee.

many since have queried
who it was that leaked the name
Cheney and his buddy Libby?
certainly a probability.

Just recently the trail's grown hot!
this because they've found a bloke
with access to top secret docs
whose press credentials are a joke

The West Wing often fed him lies
which dutifully he'd publicize.
He sat at Press Briefings just as if
he were a real journalist
McClellan would call on him out of the crowd
so just easy questions would get asked out loud

a simple manipulation
of the ethical relation
between a people and its government
If the white house keeps on this troubling track
soon we'll be watching State TV
and State TV will be watching back

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ann Coulter thinks it would be a good thing...

No More Mister Nice Blog

If democrats would all just die
in awful agonizing throes!
Their screams of pain and
Agony tickle me ever so! (Giggle)
If the military shot a few, or
opened a death camp or two;
I could stand where they get off the trains,
and thumbs up! or thumbs down! Blow out their brains!

(Sigh) i think at least Mr Delay
could pass a law so its okay
to lop their heads off with a sword
when someone questions Georgie's word!

it would be a good thing if (giggle)
we lived in a fascist theocracy!
I could be the princess of Death
bathing in the blood of heretics,
while dissenters were lined up and executed.
Maybe then I'd stop being persecuted
unfairly for my politics!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

mr Rove is like a Mole

Mr Rove, StarNosed Mole Posted by Hello

Mr. Rove is a grub-eating mole
comfortably encased in dirt
Now the new Chief deputy
chuckles, nostrils flaring
at the scent of power.
Like tasty earthworms
Mr. Rove consumes
every bulb of decency
encountered, lest it flower.
Thus we see good men
on both sides of the aisle
take on hues of gray,
struggling with inner knowledge
bite their tongues and cower,
morals compromised,
fearful of the Mole.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Conservatus Hypocritus

Despite their love for war
Conservatives are rarely seen
adorned in combat tan and green.

For instance, George and Dick adore
to talk tough when it comes to war
Yet both men found it appropos
To in their place let others go.

Rumsfeld, Tenet, Douglas Feith
Old Wolfowitz and Tom Delay
Have never made the sacrifice
They ask of soldiers every day.

But worse perhaps are pundits,
Like the strident Jonah Goldberg
who have the gall to say that why
they stay at home while others die
is that they have a family and job
What a goddamn dumb nabob.
As if America couldn't do without
his righteous blather
As though pompous windbags
were in short supply
and could not be risked to die.

Go Jonah; fight the war you say is just
We will miss you on CNN. If it happens
that you should meet
a bullet on some Baghdad street
At least you gave your life for the war
You've always said's worth dying for.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Cometh the GOP

Where to begin? The President
makes fools of all of us!
Though lies like turtles surface
Not a one has left a dent.

We might point out that lost Iraq
has just become new Iran South
At cost of now a thousand troops
The War for Freedom fails and droops.

And then the new domestic cuts.
"We can't afford to help the poor"
Says Bush - mum on the cause of which,
was giving freely to the rich.

the greatest fools the media;
they pull about like docile cows
Or, in the way of Armstrong
and the ever-strident Gallagher
Exchange their moral scruples
for a pocketful of ruples.

And the plot against social security?
At last, a modest bit of media scrutiny!
the juggernaut of Values, faced with mutiny
has turned ever so slightly off its course.
I fear, however, we've not seen the worst.

The next four years will make old Orwell roll
As the Grand Old Party's vision takes its toll
On common folk the axe will rise and fall;
on Blacks and Gays and Poor folk falls the pall.

The environment will suffer as the Halliburtons
call in their chits. Then will fall the curtains
on the places we have known
On the country's broad free ranges we have thought of as our own
As the waters and the wildlife and forests cry and groan.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

George Cheated

What scathing news to learn on Lent!
The bulge we saw on Bush's back
was not intended to prevent
a presidential heart attack.

Instead as now revealed, the Times
had evidence of heinous crimes.
It was a cheating box you see;
with which Rove beamed to Bush the answers
for debates one, two, and three.

when on a topic George responded
chances were that he was cheating
absorbing with his small remote
the means to seem less of a dope.

And now it matters not! For he
did win the presidency.
A cheat is in the White House.
A fink is at the wheel.
A fraud is our Commander.
The election did he steal.