Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ann Coulter thinks it would be a good thing...

No More Mister Nice Blog

If democrats would all just die
in awful agonizing throes!
Their screams of pain and
Agony tickle me ever so! (Giggle)
If the military shot a few, or
opened a death camp or two;
I could stand where they get off the trains,
and thumbs up! or thumbs down! Blow out their brains!

(Sigh) i think at least Mr Delay
could pass a law so its okay
to lop their heads off with a sword
when someone questions Georgie's word!

it would be a good thing if (giggle)
we lived in a fascist theocracy!
I could be the princess of Death
bathing in the blood of heretics,
while dissenters were lined up and executed.
Maybe then I'd stop being persecuted
unfairly for my politics!