Monday, February 07, 2005

Cometh the GOP

Where to begin? The President
makes fools of all of us!
Though lies like turtles surface
Not a one has left a dent.

We might point out that lost Iraq
has just become new Iran South
At cost of now a thousand troops
The War for Freedom fails and droops.

And then the new domestic cuts.
"We can't afford to help the poor"
Says Bush - mum on the cause of which,
was giving freely to the rich.

the greatest fools the media;
they pull about like docile cows
Or, in the way of Armstrong
and the ever-strident Gallagher
Exchange their moral scruples
for a pocketful of ruples.

And the plot against social security?
At last, a modest bit of media scrutiny!
the juggernaut of Values, faced with mutiny
has turned ever so slightly off its course.
I fear, however, we've not seen the worst.

The next four years will make old Orwell roll
As the Grand Old Party's vision takes its toll
On common folk the axe will rise and fall;
on Blacks and Gays and Poor folk falls the pall.

The environment will suffer as the Halliburtons
call in their chits. Then will fall the curtains
on the places we have known
On the country's broad free ranges we have thought of as our own
As the waters and the wildlife and forests cry and groan.