Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Conservatus Hypocritus

Despite their love for war
Conservatives are rarely seen
adorned in combat tan and green.

For instance, George and Dick adore
to talk tough when it comes to war
Yet both men found it appropos
To in their place let others go.

Rumsfeld, Tenet, Douglas Feith
Old Wolfowitz and Tom Delay
Have never made the sacrifice
They ask of soldiers every day.

But worse perhaps are pundits,
Like the strident Jonah Goldberg
who have the gall to say that why
they stay at home while others die
is that they have a family and job
What a goddamn dumb nabob.
As if America couldn't do without
his righteous blather
As though pompous windbags
were in short supply
and could not be risked to die.

Go Jonah; fight the war you say is just
We will miss you on CNN. If it happens
that you should meet
a bullet on some Baghdad street
At least you gave your life for the war
You've always said's worth dying for.