Friday, February 11, 2005


this post from alternative hippopotamus
has inspired my next poem:

Old Valerie Plame
recall the name?
Scurrious Republicans
committed treason
for no real reason
but a blow to her hubby.
Now Rove sips the bubbly
chortling with glee.

many since have queried
who it was that leaked the name
Cheney and his buddy Libby?
certainly a probability.

Just recently the trail's grown hot!
this because they've found a bloke
with access to top secret docs
whose press credentials are a joke

The West Wing often fed him lies
which dutifully he'd publicize.
He sat at Press Briefings just as if
he were a real journalist
McClellan would call on him out of the crowd
so just easy questions would get asked out loud

a simple manipulation
of the ethical relation
between a people and its government
If the white house keeps on this troubling track
soon we'll be watching State TV
and State TV will be watching back