Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Coulter and Frist fight Death

The GOP is full of those
Who view themselves as evil’s foes
Protecting life from sneak attack
Except when life is in Iraq

Two champions of God’s design
Now grapple hand to hand with Death
They say as long as there is breath
That Death must wait and bide his time

The irony has never come cheaper
For both have walked beside the Reaper

Bill Frist, Senator from Earth
Coulter, Ann of deathless mirth

One purloins the odd cadaver
The other kills with her palaver

Ann is deft from dodging pies
Frist is quick with well-placed lies

Fristy claims the judge must wait
Before deciding Schiavo’s fate
And diagnoses, from afar
Schiavo’s vegetative state

Coulter finds the blame to lie
With Schiavo’s husband’s alibi
She thinks he wants the money
And to live in someplace sunny

Hopefully soon Ann and Bill
Will hold the keys to all our fates
The GOP will then control
Who gets to see the pearly gates.