Monday, April 04, 2005

Senator Johnny Cornyn, Major-league scumball

Congress as we’re taught in school
Concerns itself with Law and Rule
Adjusting legislation to protectify the Nation

Yet Law this week has taken quite a blow
As those who watch CSPAN are sure to know,
Johnny Cornyn, Senator from Texas
Believes that killing Judges, although reckless,

Could simply be a consequence
Of Democratic insolence
That is, you see, they bring it on themselves
By angering the righteous on the Right

Insisting that a rule should still hold sway
Even when it annoys Tom Delay

Now Mr. Cornyn fumes and sues for libel
While muttering in fury to his bible:

“The quickest way to do the job
Is rile up an angry mob;
Perhaps we can use Cable News
To smear the Pinkos, Gays, and Jews!”

“If we get Anny Coulter, say, or Dobson,
to claim our acts are sanctified by God’s Son
And killin’ liberal judges ain’t a crime
And that the murderers should not do time!”

The terrorists we seek are in Iraq
While Cornyn stabs our country in the back.