Friday, May 27, 2005

GOP GitMo Koran Plan

McClellan and DiRita stomped a righteous path upon
The Newsweek piece revealing desecrations of Korans
Of course it now emerges that they lied without a blush!
In truth they knew the nature of the GitMo Koran flush.

Now Scottie and The Lawrence are unlike to admit error;
Because demonizing liberals is their strategy on terror

Bin Laden was a dust mote for the GOP get-out-the-vote
Their real goal: secure the land for God and Halliburton

(When God is on your side, as Tom Delay’s long thunk it,
Its perfectly okay to let the state pay for your junket)

It helps to have a state-run propaganda corporation!
FOX news serves this role well for the Bush administration
Amplifying every lie with fatheads Hannity and Hume,
Filling hapless noggins with the Bill O’Reilly spume;
A supporting cast of lesser creeps insures the message really seeps.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tom Ridge and the Multi-Color Terror Coat

Tom Ridge’s colored Fright Alerts,
which used to come in fits and spurts
are, after regular abuse,
of not much more than little use.

Now Tom reflects regretfully
upon the accusations
that he, as pulpit bully
often terrorized the nation
with invented allegations.

Yes, those ORANGE elevations
were of spurious design;
certain color designations
may in fact have crossed a line.

And cries Tom, they weren't mine,
but the darn administration’s!

terror risk emergencies
with less-than-honest goals!
driven by the urgencies
of Bush’s flagging polls?

“There were times” sighs Tom
-silver medal on his chest-
“they'd say, act like there’s a bomb,
and then the press'll do the rest." alerts

Monday, May 02, 2005

Pat Robertson, frumious American Mullah

Pat Robertson’s hotline to God
Collapsed beneath the weight
Of messages directing Him
To expedite the fate
Of eastern sorts who hold Shabbats
And other kooks with swarthy looks
And world views quite unlike Pat’s.

You see, although Pat’s quite devout
He finds his patience has run out.
For years he’s stood and flapped his lips
Concerning the Apocalypse.
Last month he thought the time had come!
But it was just a lame eclipse.

Christ’s sake! For how long must Pat wait
To see the fruits of all the hate
Drummed up by him to escalate
A holy war to cleanse the earth
Of those whose souls have lesser worth.

(Pat’s known for holding grudges
And his thoughts are dark, on judges)
Fear not though! Pat loves all of you
So long as you are not a Jew,
Or think that God, for all of that
Perhaps could stand a Democrat