Friday, May 27, 2005

GOP GitMo Koran Plan

McClellan and DiRita stomped a righteous path upon
The Newsweek piece revealing desecrations of Korans
Of course it now emerges that they lied without a blush!
In truth they knew the nature of the GitMo Koran flush.

Now Scottie and The Lawrence are unlike to admit error;
Because demonizing liberals is their strategy on terror

Bin Laden was a dust mote for the GOP get-out-the-vote
Their real goal: secure the land for God and Halliburton

(When God is on your side, as Tom Delay’s long thunk it,
Its perfectly okay to let the state pay for your junket)

It helps to have a state-run propaganda corporation!
FOX news serves this role well for the Bush administration
Amplifying every lie with fatheads Hannity and Hume,
Filling hapless noggins with the Bill O’Reilly spume;
A supporting cast of lesser creeps insures the message really seeps.