Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tom Ridge and the Multi-Color Terror Coat

Tom Ridge’s colored Fright Alerts,
which used to come in fits and spurts
are, after regular abuse,
of not much more than little use.

Now Tom reflects regretfully
upon the accusations
that he, as pulpit bully
often terrorized the nation
with invented allegations.

Yes, those ORANGE elevations
were of spurious design;
certain color designations
may in fact have crossed a line.

And cries Tom, they weren't mine,
but the darn administration’s!

terror risk emergencies
with less-than-honest goals!
driven by the urgencies
of Bush’s flagging polls?

“There were times” sighs Tom
-silver medal on his chest-
“they'd say, act like there’s a bomb,
and then the press'll do the rest." alerts