Thursday, June 09, 2005

good old dick cheney

Recall the old Dick Cheney?
the republican you liked to think
was cool and calm and seasoned,
his deliberations reasoned,
before the war-hawks spiked his drink?

or no; perhaps he always chafed
when Poppy held the reins;
all the tales of Poppy's raids
and all the enemies he strafed

whereas dick eschewed to fight
like Poppy's son dick thought it right
to safely sit far from the shit,
avoiding premature obit

today the irony is thick!
for far from meek is uncle Dick
co-author of the iraq curse,
dick cheney drives the goddam hearse

thankfully, Dick's christian faith
excuses dick's unlawful war,
not to mention abu ghraib.
so says limbaugh and his ilk,
in AM voices smooth as silk.

Ah, Dick - his measured tones now fill one's head
with images of bloody dead.