Thursday, September 08, 2005

FEMA, you uck.

FEMA was issuing debit cards to evacuees, and has decided to stop, and instead give the remaining evacuees checks, if they provide an address.
(from Atrios)

O FEMA, perhaps it's now best,
if instead of just paining them more
you would let the evacuees rest
and just show yourselves out of the door

You used to be skillful and brave
until Bush fired all of your leaders
and replaced them with knave after knave
such as recently fired horse breeders

under Bush, sure, your job was a breeze
you just wrote checks to Dick's Halliburton
nothing to it, you thought, eating cheese
as Katrina was drawing the curtain

Now the dead drift down Union Street
and FEMA's concern is photographers
afraid that the sight of deceased
will influence George Bush's biographers.