Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina and Rove conspire to aid the Bush Image

Pudgy Rove twirls delicately on pink toes,
Orchestrating politicos
As graceful as a ballerina
Bush’s savior from Katrina

Not to aid the broken poor
That’s a long-shut, bolted door
Rove has other fish to fry
As New Orleans starts to die

With a gesture and a wave
Rove marshals up the brave,
The troops who never shy
From a governmental lie:

Chertoff skeletal and cold,
Cheney graying, growing old
Condi beaming as in twos
She dons three thousand dollar shoes

Brown the FEMA man—who’s he?
Just another Bush pally
Fired from his previous work
As a small-town lawyer clerk,
Now in charge of swift reaction
To any hurricane distraction

George W. Bush—a moral man
Observes destruction from above
Reluctant now to lose the tan
Acquired in the dusty glow
of Crawford Ranch, across the road
From son-less Cindy’s new abode

Now by the broken levee – George!
Equipment bustles, men with shovels,
Dozers, trucks and such devices
Ready now to save the hovels,
Just in time to halt the crisis.

Photo men point click and shoot,
George, by the dozer—that’s a beaut!

An hour later, Bush is gone
The levee repair—is it done?
Why, no—the men and trucks
Have left the levee to the ducks.
A temporary backdrop to a presidential photo-op.

"But perhaps the greatest disappointment stands at the breached 17th Street levee. Touring this critical site yesterday with the President, I saw what I believed to be a real and significant effort to get a handle on a major cause of this catastrophe. Flying over this critical spot again this morning, less than 24 hours later, it became apparent that yesterday we witnessed a hastily prepared stage set for a Presidential photo opportunity; and the desperately needed resources we saw were this morning reduced to a single, lonely piece of equipment. The good and decent people of southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast – black and white, rich and poor, young and old – deserve far better from their national government."

- Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), remonstrating President Bush on Saturday for the use of a tragedy for a "presidential photo opportunity."