Friday, September 09, 2005

Operation Hide the Bodies

Bush has arrived just in time
For a cover-up mission sublime
The goal of his administration,
Hiding corpses from press observation

The army has circled New Orleans
To keep photo-ops under wraps
Except to show crews at the levees,
Or Bush on the ranch in his chaps.

Meanwhile Cheney, just back from vacation
Is now on the scene to make certain
That New Orleans’ rehabilitation
Is contracted to Halliburton.

Of course there’s a role for Fox News;
Their job: shift the blame to the locals
Which Brit Hume is happy to do
When not stealing old ladies’ bifocals.

How do we know something’s wrong?
There’s one clue that should sound like a gong;
When asked if he’s troubled at night
Bush says “Why? What didn’t go right?”