Friday, September 02, 2005

Republican Musings on Katrina

Says O'Reilly, the truth is plain to see,
all the looting in New Orleans
was a plan by the Black community,
when they saw the opportunity.

Says FEMA man Brown, there's no unrest
if by unrest you mean hollering
and a ruined city squaloring,
no indeed! Though you'll find it best
if when you go out, you've a teflon vest.

Says the chimp-in-chief,
what we need is relief,
for the citizens of this red-state town,
especially Trent Lott, who's white-washed
porch has been battered down.

Says Denny Hastert, plump as a sow,
"it's only the Blacks who need this town,
instead of rebuilding, what we should do,
is bulldoze the whole infested zoo."