Monday, September 12, 2005

Why does the GOP uck?

Why do conservatives suck?
It’s a thorny issue to ponder,
-- but allow your thoughts to wander.

Begin with massive SUV’s,
Bearing ribbons for soldiers overseas
--mostly from other families.

think of all the 9-11 muck they've raked
and all the schemes of war, half-baked.

contemplate the religious nuts
who, when they're not railing on peaceable gays
are calling for assassinations
adrift in their Oxycontin haze

Or consider Halliburton’s luck
At making another bloodstained buck.
What do they do? stick their straw in the ground
and with lips wrapped tight they suck, suck, suck.

If that doesn’t work there’s Rush,
Whose blurted views on New Orleans,
spewing out in a druggish gush,
paraphrase John Rocker on Queens.

Or Barbara Bush, who was struck
By the sight of all the evacuees, unwed mothers and pregnant teens
Who at Texas’ bosom will suck
--and noted their wonderful luck.

Oh happy day for such as they!
What, all they lost was a hovel.
no more need to scrabble
for food in the rubble.