Sunday, October 16, 2005

Judith Miller sends the Gray Lady down

The NY Times, donning their laurels,
Have rebuffed every critical claim
Concerning the lapsing of morals
In their reports on Valerie Plame
(Or the WMD lies, that made Iraq fair game.)

Yet we now know a startling fact.
Keller’s first editorial act,
When he picked up the reins of the rotting Gray Lady
Was to yank Judith out of Iraq.

However, with flair and a flip of her hair
--Reminiscent of newspaperman Blair,
Judy Miller wrote tale after tale
In her chase for the WMD Grail.

Judy’s buddy Bill Safire, a long-time liar
--Like so many Republicans--
Attacked every critic of Judy
For in his view, “despicable sins”

And what strength, to suffer in jail!
For the freedoms we all hold so dear
--That is, until jail, for Judy, grew stale
And her heart pitter-patted with fear.

Then she gave up old Scooter so quick!
Scooter’s losses now outweigh his wins
As Judith, with casual wrist-flick
Flushed his flowery prose on aspens.

Well, the Times is in shit to its shins
--All the holier-than-thou editorials
And no matter now how hard he spins
Keller’s due for some scathing excorials.